Just A Little About Me And My History With Labz

in 1999, i copied petz 3 from my friend's CD because i was getting bored with most of my other games. i really wanted a dog but couldn't have a real one, so i figured these virtual ones might suffice. needless to say, i was hooked quite soon after, playing the game at school, whilst i was doing my homework and even when i was supposed to be in bed!

my favourite breed of dog has always been the labrador, so that was the first pet i adopted. a brown, male lab named chocolate. unfortunately, i deleted most of my petz files in about 2003, so i've lost chocolate, as well as all of my original and adopted labz.

in november 2006 i finished the higher school certificate (like the SATs...but in australia) and didn't know what to do with myself. i cycled through all my old computer and nintendo games to keep myself occupied, and found my dusty old version of petz 4! i had a sudden urge to start my very own bloodline of pedigree labz, all bred and raised by me, without any outside adoptions or hexes.

so far i have bred over two hundred labz at my kennel and i'll probably continue until the PC is overrun by labz, haha!

Fast Facts

name: emma

gender: female

age: 22

sign: gemini

location: at the computer ;)

hair: i've put so many highlights in it, it's actually gone blonde. i'm a natural brunette, though.

eyes: brown

handed: right

instrument: trombone


colour: blue

food: anything vegan!

comics: x-men, spider-man

authors: matthew reilly, kathy reichs, john grisham

music: muse, the killers, blink-182, dido, kelly clarkson, the living end, sarah mclachlan, vixtrola, lights, carrie underwood, taylor swift, gorillaz, michelle branch, lily allen, death cab for cutie, tegan & sara, sigur rós, lady gaga

movies: transformers, ocean's thirteen trilogy, kill bill, anything by m. night shyamalan

tv: law & order: svu, 30 rock, damages, criminal minds, lie to me

video games: the legend of zelda, super smash bros., guitar hero, halo

sports: cricket, netball and soccer!