ok, moment of truth: has your visit to labz galore made you fall in love with the adorable lab so much that you never want to leave? ...well, you gotta sleep sometime buddy, so you may have to leave eventually. but never fear! you can take your own little piece of labz love away with you! just right-click and save your favourite colour lab (or if you love them all, you can take them all!), upload the little guy to your server and copy and paste the following code into your cliques page:

<a href="" target="blank"><img src="coatcolour.gif" border="0"></a>

if you're one of those individuals who likes to be different (or you're just bored and have a spare few minutes), have a squiz around the rest of the site and try to find the exotic rainbow lab clique! (don't forget to click on him for a prize too!)

if you want to proclaim your love for labz the old skool way, send me the following info and i'll stick your name up here with the rest of the coolest people in the pc:

your name:
your url (if applicable):
colour lab you picked:
why you love labz (totally optional):
did you find the psychedelic rainbow lab?:

the coolest people in the pc the individualists