the update network

[2nd november 2010]
oh dear...such a long time since i last updated! i'm sorry! university is just crazy busy. i have exams until the 12th, but hopefully after that i'll be able to do some stuff around here before i start my job in december! i was so flattered to find i'd been nominated for the site spotlight over at the litterz factory by shade! thank you so much!

[15th april 2010]
new sister site: renee@lighthouse!

[6th april 2010]
yaaaay new layout! the background is a promotional wallpaper from age of empires III, which i've been playing a lot over the past few days!
i hope everyone had a great easter break =)
let me know what you think of the new look by posting on the tagboard -->

[3rd april 2010]
HAPPY EASTER! oh man...i'm so sorry for zero updates over the last month. university work is burying me alive and i literally have no time to update. anyway, today i have a new sister site; melissa@elfland woods! anyway, i hope i get to update more often over the next few months until semester one finishes! thank you to all you loyal lab lovers who keep visiting even when i don't update for a while!

[28th february 2010]
hoorah, back up and running again! just in time too; i start classes again tomorrow =S

anyhoo, got a new litter up. it was a request that went unnamed, so my little sister ended up naming them. she gave them last names too, haha. go check it out.

also, i'm very happy everyone likes the new layout and that it's not too early. i just know that i'll have no time to create a new layout between now and like, two days before easter, so this way you all get to enjoy it for longer! yay!

[26th february 2010]
ugh, it happened again...the domain i was being hosted by disappeared, taking labz galore with it =(

so now, the lovely luli from chestnut has kindly accepted my request for hosting, so she is my new favourite person in the world, haha!

now that we're back, go adopt some puppies, request a litter or download some stuff! oh, and don't forget to leave a message for yours truly on the tagboard! -->